You can use all of these cloud services with a single login. Scanned documents can be saved to a PC or sent via e-mail. By adopting multiple devices, the optimal placement based on usage together with standardised operations and configuration methods can all be achieved. Operations for the batch scanning of documents, dividing by blank page or QR code, sorting by QR code, and assigning filenames can also be achieved. Simply put, it is an employee and customer eccentric approach to change the environment you work in. It is to provide excellent environmental performance while allowing users to focus on their job, without their extra work.

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Serverless Device Management Multiple MFDs can be efficiently utilised while raising cost awareness, without the need to build a server. OCR technology is utilised to automatically align the orientation of documents, skip blank pages, and save files by specifying a pre-registe red filename. AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications.

Operations for the batch scanning of documents, dividing by blank page or QR code, zpeosport by QR code, aoeosport assigning filenames can also be achieved.

ApeosPort-VI C3370 Drivers & Downloads

Achieving outstanding TEC values These devices achieve 0. This enables investigations to proceed smoothly should a confidential document be leaked.

These devices achieve 0. FAQ and keyword search functions are provided to speed up your work, without the need to read a manual. Ysoft SafeQ Centralized print management and automated core workflows to increase document security, reduce print services costs and improve productivity.


Even more remarkable is the new toner, which grain size is one of the smallest in the industry. Your can setup your device while looking at help information on paper or a mobile device instead of from the control panel.

Importantly in today’s world, Smart Work Gateway allows you to achieve apeosporh while adhering with compliance, and security policies. By simply loading the document and pressing the start button, scanning becomes easy. Smart power saving divides the MFD into four units the document feeder, control panel, output unit, and controllerand only powers up the units whatever is currently required.

ApeosPort-VI C – Astragraphia Document Solution

Help information can also be printed out and displayed on mobile devices some videos can also be viewed on mobile devices. Nuance AutoStore AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications.

Efficiency is promoted without placing a burden on employees, including the administrator. Allowing you to print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and print on the go from your iOS or Android device.

Digitising a large quantity of documents is troublesome… Managing and utilising standard documents invoices, contracts, and orders, etc. High speed recovery from sleep mode with an instant heating IH-Fuser High speed recovery from sleep mode Induction Heating Fusing Technology incorporates a thin, non-magnetic metal as the heating layer inside the fuser belt which enables greater energy efficiency. Equitrac intelligent print management software makes printing work the way you want it to: SSL communication and encrypted storage assure the security of your stored data.

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is a software that can manage devices and their usages, and provides integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, and document distribution. Devices are preinstalled with an application for directly accessing Cloud services for printing and scanning.


Printing on long paper supported: Contact our sales team.

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Nuance eCopy eCopy ShareScan features the easiest way to get fast, error-free documents scanned and converted to formats that make your business run smoothly. Today, Digital Transformation can help you gain sustainable competitive advantage and boost employee agility and engagement.

In addition, users who are not registered in the server such as a temporary staff can also be permitted use the MFDs. For details, see “With more variation”. With this technology, the fusing unit does not require pre-heating and doesn’t consume power when the machine is in standby mode. All corrections that had to be performed one by one on a PC can now be automated. Beyond Department Barriers Beyond department barriers Various corporate needs are accommodated in total with the same product lineup.

Even for printed materials that need that extra appeal, this MFD will promote your in-house printing together apeosportt higher speeds and lower costs.

Setup procedures can now be accessed from the control panel of the MFD. Put you in control,with some of the most advanced output security features in the industry. Recycled plastic apeozport also used in some of the exterior parts.