I think , this a common problem. The difference is in what’s required for operation. Helpful bug reporting tips: Find More Posts by rimix2. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Posted Sep 27, 5:

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Anything past that is a bonus. Il chip regola la sintonizzazione e la potenza emessa dalla scheda! This greatly improves performance in noisy environments.

The Atom Bios is mostly shipped as it’s developed. Now the same exact errors were happening in Linux, but Linux handled it much more gracefully.

We encourage developers to contribute [7] to the free driver efforts – it’s still a long way before we reach afh5k goal of a truly free Atheros driver for Linux, and every helping hand is welcome. We understand Atheros’ reasons for introducing the HAL and distributing it in binary form only, and we supported it. Luis Log in to post comments.

We now see a road to move away from the binary-only HAL; it’s no comfortable road, however, and thus requires full concentration of our resources to finally reach the ultimate goal of getting a free driver for Atheros devices into the Linux kernel. This project is no longer active.


Atheros releases ath5k HAL code

This is largely an issue of mobile hardware design. So oernel they release the sources for the code in their ROM, next you complain that they don’t release the schematics of the chip?

Posted Sep 27, 5: This often includes basic I’d love to have the source for the BIOS, firmware, every stored byte on the machine, but that’s a very purist view. If they have provided permission to redistribute the firmware, then your distro kerhel already includes it.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code []

Lucious Daniels Jr, this bug was reported a while ago and there hasn’t been any activity in it recently. Like I said before, I use Intel wireless and am happy about the drivers and their Linux support, so I wouldn’t put off buying a laptop with Intel stuff on it, but it’s not ideal.

The time now is However, there has to be a realistic limit or you’re into “I want source code for your son and daughter too” territory and all co-operation halts. To enable ath5kyou must first enable mac Interested parties are welcome to try ath5k and any constructive feedback is highly appreciated. Because of the proprietary HAL and since the MadWifi driver also did not make use of the new mac layer in Linux it has been impossible for it to become part of the Linux kernel.


I have madwifi-supported cards and the freedom of the HAL layer for them is the only thing that has or will ever interest me.

This option enables the old SoftMAC stack we hope to athk one of these days. Posted Sep 29, 9: It wasn’t my laptop so I didn’t have time to really sit down and hack at it. The 32bit version has kernel 4. That firmware needs to be atth5k with the operating system.

puppy linux ath5k

These laws drive wireless manufacturers to come up with solutions to enforce compliance with the wide array of regulatory agencies. Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee keernel on It means my kernel won’t taint.

The chosen license isn’t some legal-department special, either: But if someone wants to write a GPL driver, then it may be impossible to distribute the binary blob alongside the driver.