How can I take advantage of that with VLC or mplayer? It finally works for me. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu wrote on At least the chrontel driver did not work with my DVI-D screen.

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And even then, it is not assured that it cu7036 work. As you can see the resolution is x, that means in Linux I down-tuned it even lower than Windows 7, because in xrandr, the next resolution below x is x Did you try it when the hdmi was originally off?

To be filled by O. I’m the creator of this blog. At least the chrontel driver did not work with my DVI-D screen. This can be done by mailing the Linux Kernel Mailing List or opening a bug at chrintel. VDH it is, lspci lists:. This change was made by a bot.

This driver is not a kernel driver, it is a daemon. A few days ago there was a post of a different workaround: There was no error message in the complete process following your instruction, but HDMI display shows ‘no signal’.

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Bug # “Chrontel CH chip not supported” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Comment cu7036 this change optional. No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi. Yeah there are many tablets like this. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. VDH it is, lspci lists: Chronttel, including running git bisection searches GraphicsCard: I know it is off-topic, but googling 10 minutes there is no right place to discuss this issue.

Status changed to Confirmed. I used an x tablet, bModo 12, designed for Windows 7.

This bug affects 2 people. Did any one try to make this work on Ubuntu Duplicates of this bug Bug Even though the linux driver is a piece of crap it offers much higher resolutions.

We generally ask bug reporters to first request that the driver be added to the upstream kernel. Maybe with that the driver ignores the missing signal. I’m using a WeTab which uses the same hardware as the bModo 12 so fh7036 should normally work.


(PDF) CH7036 Datasheet download

It really ch703 like bModo 12 is just another casing of WeTab. I was rather surprised when I look up the specs of WeTab and found that bModo has exactly the same configuration, including CPU type, memory, hard disk space and resolution.

See full activity log. Installed on 4 days ago InstallationMedia: The error message says “hardware problem”. I already thought about offering a package of the driver on my blog, but sadly even with some online tutorials I wasn’t able to create a working package.

Status changed to Confirmed 2.