So what is the difference between the Faroudja NRS and other video processors out there? There is an RS port on the back, so you can control the 3k from a PC or a home automation system like Crestron or Phast. Faroudja’s Aspect Ratio Technology handles video of various formats and successfully adapts these to the screen being used. As TVs began to make the transition from analog CRTs to digital fixed-pixel displays Display resolution , Faroudja Labs made the transition from manufacturing complete systems to designing integrated circuits for use in TV and other video products. Film always looks great, but something is not quite right with video. All of these controls have a range from and default to Beginning in , a strategic alliance was established with Meridian Audio to manufacture and distribute the Faroudja video processor systems.

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This is the first time Ffaroudja had ever seen line doubled video, and I knew at that moment in time that I too would one day have a Faroudja video processor in my possession. Dell acknowledged the problem and addressed this with the following statement: Potentially the presence of ACC and ACM in certain circumstances can lead to problems, and I would suggest this is only where other components are used in conjunction with the chip.

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If it did stay in film mode, you would see combing. This will leave you with black bars on the sides of the screen.


Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. These detail transitions are deliberately enhanced making them more visible and more lifelike.

This is another spot where video processors generate line twitter artifacts or soften a bit with the motion.

When composite video is not decoded perfectly, it can lead to an artefact referred to as cross colour. I also used the oscilloscope to check the accuracy of the decoding by looking at red and green. That crook should be put on double secret probation. I personally could not see any effect as I went through the ranges.


Improvements in display device technologies drove the varoudja for more advanced video processing and scaling. It remains enabled in the other two modes. These bad edits cause the decoder to switch from film to video mode. Its not new technolgy, my old 4 year old Vizio plasma my parents now use has it. Filtering can help eliminate noise in image playback, and this can be done spatially 2-D or temporally 3-D.

A good friend of mine just bought one of these with the Faroudja story. There is a spot above the inputs for an add-on card. RPTVs require convergence memories for p and i.

The Toshiba SD that we reviewed recently loses resolution on the entire image because it is not motion adaptive. Feature Dcdu Front Panel The front panel of the 3k is very clean. Then, a couple of years later, they were quadrupling. I found that the line structure overlapped near the edges only.


Faroudja’s Aspect Ratio Technology handles video of various formats and successfully adapts these to the screen being used.

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I sat open mouthed as I watched the TV image on a large front projection screen. I could see it clearly at work on “Fantasia”. While some prefer ddcdi look, we decided to go for the more natural appearance purist. Here we are introduced to the entire Muppet cast.

With the kind of video I like sportsthere is lots of movement, and every diagonal edge otherwise has the jaggies.

There are nine total scan rates that the 3k can output: Because the NRS is upgradeable with firmware, we are anticipating that it will be greatly improved over time dcdo the Faroudja programmers work on the various issues mentioned above.

I tried two different 3ks, and neither could lock.

Performance Finding just the right scan rate is very important to enjoying a sharp and detailed picture. Up until very recently, Faroudja totally owned the video processor market because they were the only ones who offered 3: There are six total buttons on the front panel: There is no on-off button for the NRS.