But it has gone wrong again. SO can I get the free repair from Indonesia? The power light will go on when i plug it in and out. And just now today i tryed turning it on and the screen remains black. I informed them about the display issues before and I have been using a chiller for the overheating issue since the first fix. The problem arises when the cable weakens and breaks due to repeated flexing pressing of the power button. If the above item is grayed out unable to click it it means that a set of recovery disks have already been created.

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I first bought the thing in summeras the price was excellent, and it had more than adequate features and power. HP has permanently lost me as a customer. It stopped working just after the warrentee was over 1 month 2 days ago. Just email the latest.

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No screen blackout, but wireless dropping out and overheating. I would imagine that HP has warrenty service where you live. The warranty is still valid because like I said earlier the laptop is only about a month old. HP new about this problem for some time and strung me along the few months until I was out of warranty- extended warranty- and the recall.


XP downgrade for a DVus | NotebookReview

I mentioned this site and all the other posts. Perhaps a brand new computer? HP might want to beware, because I see lawsuits from lot of people about this problem. There is a class-action lawsuit http: So i took to a sevice agent and again, they ordered parts, but said it was sp in the country and they had to order it.

Then I sent it in for the extended warranty repair in February of because my wireless had disappeared. Any comments on that or suggestions as to what I should try? Or do I just need to send it in for repair?

The power light comes on when the adapter is plugged in, but that is it. I would even just order the part and change it myself if I was sure what the culprit is. I am in no doubt fighting HP about this, and they will replace this if I have anything to say about it. I can do almost anything but have it turn on. It did go into hibination of it own accord but someone suggested I install service pack 3, since then this hs stopped but it just goes into standby now!!!

However, I phoned HP and my notebook does qualify for the extended warranty even though the product number is not on that list. When the confirmation message appears Recovery Manager successfully created the recovery discsclick Finish.


My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I substituted this with a usb wireless adapter.

I am just one person…. Follow the prompts to restore your notebook this will delete all files and programs. I preferred a refund at that point!!! However, if the cause of the problem is the hard drive, it may dv9930ue impossible to recover your data and corrupt hard drive data recovery is very expensive.

Two issues — first is my start button is db9930us inoperative. When I go to Device Manager, nothing shows up for the sound and game controller. I had determined that the Wireless Adaptor was not working because of hardware problems.


In both dv9930ys my situations see previous posts they did not reset the computer back to the factory settings. I tried F10 while rebooting, it takes me to some dos screen. Give them a shout.

It was only out of my hands from Monday dv9930uw Friday. I pulled the memory modules from the laptop, popped the battery, drained the charge, popped the hard drive, etc.