Ive tested the sound driver with and without video drivers. Either way good luck with it all!! How many behind are you? The funny part is that a normal reset wont make the audio work again, I need to turn off the computer and turn back on to make the “device start”. What bios should I update to? If I shut down my computer I can make the audio work on windows but the conflict apears again when I start a game. Sorry I wish I knew more.

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Just trying to spit out some more ideas for you to check out.

GA-P35C-DS3R Strange Audio Problem!

I cant make the audio work correctly. Are you sure you uninstalled in safe mode and deleted, the microsoft UA driver? Yes, no problem I have done tons of bios updates. Im using the default Bios iggabyte came with the motherboard, it is version F2. Sorry I wish I knew more.

They are often behind in things I am not sure about what is added in the BIOS updates, but the do not show all fixes they add, just the major ones.

Do you work for gigabyte? Ive tested the sound driver with and without video drivers. If not, try that. Yesterday I filled the support form in the official gigabyte website with my product ID and pc specs but didnt recieve an answer yet, I was hoping they new about this problem because Ive seen very similar problems mentioned while doing some google searching, unfortunately without any answers.


The time now is That is what mine is on and my sound is working fine If still no luck, I suppose you will just have to wait for someone to suggest a known compatible sound card for you here or ask at a different site as I am not sure myself You could also disable serial and parallel ports in the BIOS some say this has fixed it for them. I would assume though a sound card would work better then a onboard solution, but I cannot say for sure since I dont use one.

Especially now that the sound dies ONLY when entering games.

I downloaded some new drivers from realtek website, version r1. Regarding the uninstalling and installing ive tried about everything with all drivers in normal windows and also in safe mode Results 1 to 10 of I would flash it if it was me, I do it often and have NO issues, just do not use bios and do not shut off your pc while doing so, or do not do it in a storm or something like that where you think the power may go out while doing so. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd.

I dont want to screw up my motherboard, ive read in the forum many people had problems after updating the bios. If you do flash it, do it in Qflash via USB or floppy. Sorry I cant be of more help!!! If I shut down my computer I can make the audio work on windows but the conflict apears again when I start a game.

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Im thinking of buying a PCI Audigy sound card but im affraid the same thing will happen. I also tried the new drivers from the gigabyte website, I dont know what else I can do. Not the new beta release correct?

Maybe there is a issue with. Join Date May Posts 6. Hmm I wonder why Intel’s page is behind, you are the second one to tell me that this week.

I loose the sound completely when the game is launched. What bios should I ga-p35c-fs3r to? Nor would I even know what to start to suggest to you to use.

How many behind are you? Either way good luck with it all!! Well, good luck with it all, and sorry I could not be of more help!

Hello Lsdmeasap, First off thanks for your reply.