Your solution is here http: Bunch O’ Free App. Could you please tell me what were the question? Anonymous March 7, at 3: You’ll get an error “wireless tools not found”.

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Airport extream+kismac+Injection

Nothing personal, but your post will be removed for the sake of clarity. Me May innjection, at 2: Me July 19, at I see a lot of Toyota on the road, but they don’t have all the same license plate.

Troggy 9, 7 41 My card is not right to do this? Me July 3, at 8: The device is listed as a Netopia and I see from the details that the main channel is 6, but it bounces around to 4, 6, and 8.

Kismaxx: Troubleshooting KisMAC . KisMAC Tutorial

Admin September 28, at 8: Admin October 30, at 5: Me March 8, at 6: Should I wait for more unique IVs and try again? Is this truly just due to the lack of activity on the wep network?


Nevertheless, if you want to succeed, read the part that mention: RAA December 31, at 7: It tells you that everything is in order to work, and the actual speed of the network.

I have a rosewill nube can i inject with this? Some routers have “protection” and will skip channels if they receive Dehauth frames or injection, and that could be a far fetched possibility.

Do I have to start over each time the channel is changing? Re-injection is NOT instantaneous.

Brandon July 4, at 2: This process of “listening” to the AP-Client can take some time. Can’t see anything that says it collects handshakes for WPA encryption.

When in dense WIFI area, the same can happen when too many are on the same channel. Working very well as a matter of fact. Admin October 30, at 2: It’s strange that is bounces on passive.

Anonymous December 1, at 1: However, I have searched and searched for an answer that to this question and there is none. For test purposes, Kismac is fine with WPA, but it’s really on the slow side.


macos – Use MacBook Pro airport for injection with kismac – Super User

May have caught handsnake corrupt? Kiwmac in advance and keep the good work J. Hello, I have Macbook pro 2. Nonasol May 6, at 9: Still not recognizing the drive or the chipset when plugged in, I am trying to use Kismac and I always get error messages like: I can’t seem to get KisMAC to export its files with a.

Checkedand it is still going Why can’t it find the WEP key?