To solve, download udev rule scanner setting file from Brother website. If not please post a comment on the link answer. Brother scanner not working in Ubuntu Tags for this Thread brother , drivers , printer , scanner. October 15th, 5. Ubuntu is case sensitive so use the command dir or ls to check directory names.

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Zanna 50k 13 If you ignore them and simply follow the instructions in the link everything will work out fine. Brother scanner not working in Ubuntu The directory location varies depending on your Linux distribution.

Alternatively, you could mfcc-885cw gscan2pdf: Your reference to the auto remove command is interesting because how does it know which files are no longer needed? Ubuntu is case sensitive so use the command dir or ls to check directory names. October 9th, 3. Also brscan4 and not brscan2 or brscan3 is the preferred driver for most scanners.


[SOLVED] Installing Brother Priners and Scanners Just Got Easier

It seems logical to me that the. I will try to update the answer with the specific files that get misplaced by the driver install script the next time i need to setup the driver again. Join Date Dec Beans 12, My notes covered the following steps: Install brscan3, or another variant of brscan according to your model: Then I could scan, but my toolbar disappeared.

Nick 1 7.

I’m running Ubuntu Downloads directory should only ever be a temporary location used during download and installation. Erel Segal-Halevi 3 18 Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

I think it’s not a problem with sane itself, it’s probably a problem with the udev-rule-settings or the printer-network-name JosephWolf Please see my new answer below.

If kinux can ping the ip address of your printer Ask your network administrator for the device’s IP address or check for yourself on the panel if it has one.


My experience with Ubuntu upgrades has not liinux great. October 13th, 4. The time now is The supported devices for this tool are: Of particular interest is the udev rule discussed in many answers has been updated and works fine.

Brother updated software December 25, 2017.

Join Date Oct Beans 5. Note that there are still some old Brother Websites which can be a bit misleading. The tool will be downloaded into the default Downloads directory. The old problem may be that the config file doesn’t know where to find the scanner.

If it works, then it’s a privilege issue. As per this answer: