Is this page helpful? It is recommended that debug output from the Windows CE device be monitored. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. It matters because it makes your code slightly more difficult to maintain. BusNumber values start at 0. Therefore, NIC drivers can be written entirely in platform-independent high-level languages such as C. When a Miniport driver is installed on a Windows CE-based platform, the setup program should create several registry keys in order to correctly expose the Miniport driver to the Windows CE system.

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Introduction to NDIS 6.80

For sample DriverEntry implementations, see the source code for the sample Miniport drivers provided in the Embedded Toolkit. There are several Registry key settings that are common to both built-in and PC Card type of Miniports. It is also recommended that a debugger be connected to the CE system such that exceptions and breakpoints that are encountered can be effectively detected and analyzed. NDIS describes the interface by which one or more Network Interface Card NIC drivers communicate with one or more underlying network interface cards, with one or more overlying protocol drivers, and with the operating system.

This section describes these settings in detail. The key contains the following subkeys.


Actually every week is perfcounter week. The content you requested has been removed. Performance counters are an essential tool for devs, ops, … and marketing. Collapse the table of mdn. The following example shows a set of registry keys for a Miniport driver.

NDIS Drivers (NDIS ) (Windows Drivers)

Most Recent Most Comments. The subset of the tests that Windows CE supports is limited to the functional testing of the Ethernet devices.

This allows 1-machine functional testing to be performed. As with the built-in Miniport drivers, the DriverEntry routine registers the driver as a Miniport and the driver’s initialize handler is called. This white paper references the documentation in both these toolkits. Hence, you should mssdn the Microsoft Windows NT version 4. We love performance counters on the Windows Networking team. NDIS is a framework for writing low-level Windows network drivers.

We appreciate your feedback.

NDIS Network Interface Architecture

The tester emulates a transport layer protocol driver and communicates with the netcard driver through the NDIS wrapper. Nearly every networking feature has its own counter set, and Windows ships with far too many counter sets to document here. This option should only be required if the platform does not perform the necessary power handling of the peripheral in the OAL.

In addition, in Windows CE mxdn 2.

It should work on other processors, but this functionality has not been tested as part of the shipping Windows CE operating system. Development Tools and Languages. Please refer to the DDTK 2. Therefore, NIC drivers can be written entirely in platform-independent high-level languages such as C. Since we are still in the early stages of planning the Driver Library program, interested customers should periodically check Microsoft Hardware Certification. To perform 2-machine functional testing, you will need a Windows NT system with a netcard that is connected to a Windows CE machine with its own netcard.


In general for a Windows NT miniport, data received by a busmaster-DMA NIC is transferred directly into device-accessible ndi within a shared memory block allocated by the miniport.

Is this page helpful? Fortunately, under the hood, performance counters are very simple: The BusNumber key will contain the socket and function pair for the network adapter. WDF is a framework that makes it easier to write Windows drivers.

Servers and Enterprise Development. The tester works by stressing the packet send and receive functions.